At Santhem Residences, interior design is at the heart of bringing our properties to life. Interiors are curated to support and inspire a diverse group of homeowners, offering a sophisticated, hotel-style luxury whilst prioritising warmth and comfort to create beautiful homes and modern community spaces.

Savista Developments, Head of Interior Design, Laura Baignett, and her team enjoy creating interiors that ‘uplift and stimulate homeowners’, when asked about the inspiration for the design at Santhem Residences Shenfield Laura explained: ‘our team has taken inspiration from the property’s location – the beautiful Essex countryside that surrounds Brentwood. We’ve used warm woods and materials that reflect nature, as well as bringing the outside in with wallpapers that nod to the green open spaces. We’ve also used a colour pallet of blues, greens and a touch of warm orange, inspired by the sea that bathes the Essex coastline. We’ve researched the local community and its character and in keeping with stylish Brentwood, our interiors are contemporary and quite glamorous. The personality we’ve created for the development is reflected in structural choices and furniture pieces, as well as in the finishing touches – soft furnishings and accessories.’

‘Santhem Residences features an impressive array of homeowners’ amenities – this is a place to socialise, relax and enjoy leisure pursuits in a variety of luxurious spaces, which is why we looked to the latest in hotel interior trends to inspire us too. Using patterns from around the world is a current trend we have been inspired by – we love using bold colours and layering different patterns. We’ve created a modern twist, incorporating ikat (pronounced e-cot) fabrics that originate from Southeast Asia, South America and West Africa. Tactile, textured fabrics are on-trend for 2022 and you will see evidence of this at Santhem too.’

Designing a development like this is about much more than just creating something beautiful. Laura says: ‘Santhem is at the forefront of specialist care and wellbeing innovations and it’s our job to ensure every space is fit for its purpose and able to meet the needs of our homeowners as they change over time. We work closely with the architects and the wider care and wellbeing team to decide room sizes, furniture layouts and placement of specialist equipment, as well as lighting, colours and integrating technology throughout our designs. In the gym, we are using EGYM fitness technology to help homeowners understand the relationship between exercise and the positive impact on their health and wellbeing, whilst ensuring using the gym is fun – or at least more efficient for those who enjoy it less!’

Laura comments ‘We want our new owners to feel at home from the outset, small touches like warm, soft lighting and carefully selected furniture, textures and soft furnishings can help achieve this.’ 

The luxury interior designs at Shenfield Residences Shenfield are matched by the outstanding facilities that are set to become available, including a spa, gym, cinema, restaurant and bar, therapy room and hairdressers.

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