Enabling wellbeing is an integral part of living at Santhem Residences, and our in-house team all take part in facilitating this value to help ensure independence and health is maintained.

Our in-house Wellness Coach, Janet, offers weekly classes which connect like-minded homeowners and offer companionship when they need it.

Janet has given us a summary of her role at Santhem and explains how she helps homeowners.

Tell a little bit about your role as the Wellness Coach at Santhem Residences

A key part of my role is to provide an induction to the Santhem gym so all homeowners can be set up to use the EGYM equipment. This also includes an explanation of how to use the EGYM app allows members to monitor their progress, have their Bio-Age analysed and even join the community leader board which inputs their progress for some friendly competition. I will also be trialling Wall Pilates with residents.

What classes do you offer? 

I coach and instruct weekly wellness classes and motivate and encourage the residents to work at their individual levels. I also offer one-to-one advice, either during classes or privately. This can include chair/standing Strength & Tone classes, Pilates and new Stretch & Relax which is a short relaxation and meditation class which takes place in the Relaxation Lounge.

Any feedback you’ve received about the classes

We are very much enjoying the classes, they are making us stronger, more supple and releases good endorphins – mentally feel much better. The classes are an important part of our lives at Santhem.

Colin & Janet

I find the classes beneficial and enjoyable.  The variety of exercises don’t allow us to become bored.

– Barbara

I am enjoying the classes very much. Varied mixture of exercise keeps us moving.


Both beneficial and enjoyable.  Instructions are always clear and concise.


I thoroughly enjoy the Stretch & Relax, very relaxing.


The classes are doing me a power of good.


Really enjoying the classes I feel that they are helping me, I wish I had more time!