You don’t need to spend too much time browsing for information on living options in retirement to come across retirement villages and similar developments proudly declaring themselves to be ‘Lock Up and Leave’. So what, exactly, does this mean?

Reducing responsibilities.

One of the clearest benefits of independent living in retirement villages is the passing to someone else of responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of the gardens you enjoy around you each day, and the exteriors and common parts of the buildings you live in.

Whereas these responsibilities are an ongoing and unavoidable worry for seniors still living in their own private homes or apartments, independent living in a home purchased in a retirement village means these are all covered by a monthly charge and then taken care of entirely by the community’s management team.

Lowering costs and removing uncertainty.

Removing financial uncertainty and actually reducing costs is another benefit of independent living in retirement communities. At Santhem Residences we have found that many of our independent living property owners find the removal of sizeable unexpected bills for repairing a roof or lopping a tree particularly helpful in managing their finances and in keeping clear on the income they have at their disposal to enjoy day to day living however they wish to do that.

Making coming and going simpler.

The freedom to lock up and leave without worrying about security or preparation is another real benefit for seniors enjoying this kind of independent living. Being able to go away overnight, visit friends or relatives for a long weekend, or take a much longer holiday, all safe in the knowledge that your home is being looked after safely by the community team, is a much prized aspect of the relaxed retirement these owners enjoy.

Being safe and secure.

Similarly, independent living in a retirement community offers the reassurance of exceptional security for seniors. Villages tend to be gated, well lit and camera-monitored by on-site security teams around the clock. This makes them safe to live in when you’re there, and ensures the security of your property when you are away or on holiday.

Incredible facilities on your doorstep.

While all of these benefits of independent living are mentioned frequently by residents who purchase property in retirement villages, perhaps the most popular benefit of all is the wide range of leisure, recreation and hospitality facilities usually available on site.

Although these vary from village to village (and of course from one village operator to another, they can include coffee shops, fine  and casual dining restaurants, gymnasiums, pools, spa and beauty facilities and regular workout classes. Villages may also have tennis courts, putting greens and viewing cinemas, as well as comfortable and relaxing indoor and outdoor communal spaces where you can simply sit and read, listen to your music or chat to other owners, or to friends who have come over to visit.

Independent living brings so many benefits.

There’s no single living solution that’s right for absolutely everyone in retirement. Even after reaching retirement age, many people’s needs evolve with the passing of years as making life less bothersome and ensuring that more time is free for enjoyment and relaxation becomes ever more appealing.

Whether you live near to our Santhem Residences village at Shenfield or not, if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of independent living for seniors, feel free to get in touch with us. Making the right decision as to your next move at this point can have a huge influence on the enjoyment you get from your retirement.